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Springtime Kayaking
The "Door" to early season paddling
By Lauren Gress

There’s a mellow May breeze rustling the reeds and wild rice along Reibolts Creek. Yellow water lilies bob gently in the wake of the boat, and the high whistle of a Blue-winged Teal breaks the stillness of the foggy dawn as the sun rises over Moonlight Bay. A morning like this one is not uncommon this early in the season, but finding tranquility and silence in the hustle and bustle of a Door County spring certainly can be. Luckily, this quiet, off-the-beaten-path spot isn’t difficult to get to. In fact, for those willing to do a bit of exploring, pristine sites around the Door Peninsula are far closer than they may seem. All that’s needed is a kayak. more

Door County Kayaking News


paddle back

Kayaking in the Door
By Vinni Chomeau

The morning sun has just peaked over the tree line, the water is golden glass, and the air is suspended in silent haze. My kayak is resting on the car rack, paddle between the seats, and the PFD, skirt, bilge pump, and paddle float are tucked in the trunk. I assemble my gear, take a few steps on the beach, and with a couple of paddle strokes I’ve escaped to the water. Feeling my physical energy propel me through the environment inspires primeval thoughts; I am free from oil, gas fumes, and electronics. more

ephraim beach

Kayak Types

paddle back

Length: 8-9 feet
Design: Small cockpit, tight fit
Types of water: Fast moving rivers, whitewater rapids
Composition: Roto-molded plastic

Length: 8-17 feet (single or tandem)
Design: Open hull concept, sat
upon instead of inside
Types of water: Slow moving, flat
water. Best in warm water and
tropical climates
Composition: Roto-molded plastic

Length: 9-13 feet (longer for tandem)
Design: Wide, flatter hull. Large
cockpit for comfort and ease
Types of water: Flat water, coast
lines, inland lakes. Not designed
for long trips.
Composition: Roto-molded plastic,
hybrid plastic

Day (or Light) Touring
Length: 14-16 feet
Design: Medium cockpit, entry
level sea kayak
Types of water: Flat, open water,
coastlines, and inland lakes.
Capable of going out in less-
than-ideal conditions.
Composition: Roto-molded plastic,
hybrid plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar

Long Range Touring (Sea Kayaks)
Length: 15-17 feet (longer for tandem)
Design: Smaller cockpit, thin beam,
rounded hull, often will have
a rudder or skeg for turning and
Types of water: Oceans, lakes,
deep-water passages
Composition: Roto-molded plastic,
hybrid plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar,
wood, skin


Door County Kayak Sales, Rentals, and Tours

Bay Shore Outdoor Store
655 S. Bayshore Drive
Sister Bay, WI 54234
(920) 854-7598
Sales, Rentals, & Tours

Kayak Tours, LLC
3655 Peninsula Players Rd. (Hands
On Art Studio)
(920) 854-9292
Rentals & Tours

Door County Living Classrooms
5880 Cedar Creek Place
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
(920) 746-0056

Team Leadership Center
4497 Ploor Road
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
(920) 746-9999

Ephraim Sailing Center
South Shore Pier
(920) 854-4336
Rentals & Tours

Nicolet Beach Concessions
Peninsula State Park-Nicolet Beach
(920) 854-9220

Wagon Trail Marina
1041 County Road ZZ
Ellison Bay, WI 54210
(888) 250-7666

DC Bikes Campstore
20 N. 3rd Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
(920) 743-4434



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